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Attention: The Kansas State Treasurer’s Office understands there will be interruptions to businesses due to the impact of COVID-19. Holders requesting an extension for the November 1st deadline should fill out the extension request form and send via email to KSHolder@treasurer.ks.gov or fax to 785-291-3172. All extension requests will be approved. Holders looking to complete the reporting process electronically may do so by uploading their report and submitting payment via ACH or wire (include payment reference Unclaimed Property). Please see information below for electronic reporting and ACH/Wire payment instructions, forms and much more.

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State Treasurer Lynn Rogers
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"Each year, Kansas businesses send the names of people with bank accounts, wages, stocks, and dividends that have been abandoned. As State Treasurer, it is my job to reunite those people with what is rightfully theirs. Our website, along with many other initiatives, helps to bring the unclaimed property program directly to the people of Kansas. Please feel free to check your name by calling 785-296-4165. You may also check your name online from this site by clicking here. here." Learn more about Lynn.