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For Immediate Release:

September 7th, 2022



Lucas Ryan, Communications Manager


Lynn Rogers looking into Emergency Financial Assistance for Farmers and Communities affected by the Drought in Western Kansas


The drought that is currently affecting farmers and communities in western Kansas strikes close to Treasurer Lynn Rogers’ heart, having grown up on a farm himself. As conditions continue to impact Kansans, the State Treasurer’s Office is exploring options for emergency financial assistance to those being impacted by the situation.


“Our farmers support us all by providing the food we need to survive,” Treasurer Lynn Rogers said, “When conditions outside of our control make things difficult for these essential people in our communities, we must work to find ways to support them back.”


“The impact this drought is having on Sorghum and Millet crops is going to have a domino effect,” said Treasurer Rogers. “Losing crops in the field to drought is going to create shortages farther down the chain.”


Drought conditions have become so pervasive that USDA assistance is currently being offered. The USDA has issued several Primary Natural Disaster Area designations for counties in Kansas. These designations allow counties to have access to federal support. The State Treasurer is exploring how the office can assist in the effort to provide relief to these areas.


Treasurer Rogers has begun working with state officials and engaging local leaders to determine what Emergency Assistance can be provided to Farmers and affected communities, for information on the USDA Kansas disaster programs visit: