Build Kansas Advisory Committee

Created by the Legislature in 2023, the Build Kansas matching grant fund was created in the state treasury and a joint committee on Build Kansas was created in the legislative branch. This committee is composed of five members of the senate and five members of the house of representatives. Meeting agendas will be posted here along with other pertinent information.

Committee Members

  • Senator Ty Masterson, Chair, Senate President Appointee
  • Representative Troy Waymaster, Vice Chair, Speaker of the House Appointee
  • Senator JR Claeys, Senate President Appointee
  • Senator Usha Reddi, Senate Minority Leader Appointee
  • Senator Tim Shallenburger, Senate President Appointee
  • Representative Shannon Francis, Speaker of the House Appointee
  • Representative Henry Helgerson, House Minority Leader Appointee
  • Representative Kyle Hoffman, Speaker of the House Appointee
  • Representative Lindsay Vaughn, Governor Appointee


  • Nancy Fontaine, Committee Assistant
  • Eric Adell, Legislative Research
  • Chardae Caine, Legislative Research
  • Murl Riedel, Legislative Research
  • Chris Waggoner, Office of Revisor of Statutes
  • Jill Wolters, Office of Revisor of Statutes

For information on applying for Build Kansas matching grant funds, please visit the Kansas Infrastructure Hub’s website linked below:

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